About Us

Aspen NeuroRehab Institute (ANI) operates on a lien basis and specializes in diagnosing and treating individuals that have sustained injuries from an accident with objective measurements to help ensure the accuracy and validity of the diagnostics and treatments provided to our patients that have been in an accident.

Each of our Aspen network companies and medical providers case manage (quarterback) the patient’s cases from the time they are injured to the time their case is closed. This means that they will receive the same great services from start to finish.

ANI currently has three sister companies that are located across the Wasatch Front and into Idaho. Each of these companies complements each other by providing a variety of services to aid patients in receiving the care they need after being in an accident. Each of the locations provides the same great diagnostics and care that are needed after an accident but also has some specialties that are unique to the providers at each of the locations.